Thursday, July 16, 2009


Experimento numero uno is finished and this is what came out. I was looking at a certain artist, I'm sure you illustrators know who, to learn specific techniques. Learned a good amount of photoshop tools and utilizing layers to alter my original painting. A very useful process came out of this illustration, almost like reverse engineering. I'm quite satisfied with the process of learning how to mix digital and traditional media. Haven't printed out a copy yet to see if the colors came out correctly. I'm crossing my fingers they did, otherwise I'll have to learn how to adjust colors on-screen and guesstimate how they'll print.
Comments please, and don't hesitate if need be to tear me a new one!
Good critique, bad critique, it's all usefull feedback for future experiments.
Hasta luego amigos y muchachas.


  1. This is pretty cool Jose, my ignorance of photoshop means I'm not really sure what you did with it but the over all piece turns out pretty cool.

  2. ya man, looks good. i don't really know what exactly you did either, but i feel like from the painted part to the final image it got this plastic-y feeling. i think it's got to do with that pink on the creatures tummy