Sunday, June 13, 2010


pen in moleskin, 10 by 8 inch

So I've been thinking of compiling a collection of my sketches into a small book for A.P.E. I seem to have accumulated several sketchbooks over the years which only I and one other person has seen. These should be a treat to all those who know me, and should give some insight into why I'm so talkative all the time(not really!). This brings me to a total of three separate projects I'm working on for A.P.E.
screen prints
11 page comic
sketch compilation
and I might also squeeze in a t-shirt if time allows.

keep on drawing!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two More Screenprints

4 color process screenprint variations, 8 by 11 inch each

8 color screenprint on Reeves, 8 by 6 inch

The dog screenprints were done from a photograph and separated on Photoshop, and I did an ink drawing for the outline of the body and skull and imported that layer into Photoshop and overlayed it onto the black layer to create the 4-process screen print technique. This was my fist attempt at trying this technique and I enjoyed the final outcome, it rocks!
The bottom portrait is based on the Blade Runner character Pris.
Overall these prints are turning out really great and I'm having fun as well.